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Flattering and Sustainable Women's Activewear

About Us

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PerkiFit was founded to provide flattering and performance driven sportswear for women, using sustainable fabrics.


We are a new sustainable women's sportswear brand designed in the UK, which aims to make sure you look perki and feel great, through the use of specially contoured designs and high quality eco-friendly yarn.

Did you know - if the fashion industry were a country, its emissions would rank as highly as France, Germany and the UK combinedBy using high quantities of certified recycled materials to manufacture our sportswear, our footprint is significantly lower than if we used virgin materials.


Our aim is to help change the habits of consumers to become more eco conscious and to slow the fast fashion industry to positively impact the environment. 1% of each sale is donated to Plastic Oceans UK, dedicated to stopping plastic from entering our oceans.


Check out our sustainable sportswear here!

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