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Sustainability and Ethics

1% of each sale will go to Plastic Oceans UK, who are dedicated to stopping plastic entering the ocean

ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon

  • The leading, most trusted brand performance fibre made from: fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpets destined for landfill

  • It performs exactly the same as brand new nylon but instead helps to drive the industry towards a sustainable future​

Facts: It has been estimated that Nylon, being virtually indestructible once discarded can entangle fish for up to 500 years, killing dolphins, whales and other sea mammals

- We have so far recovered 29kg of fishing nets from our oceans

TOPGREEN® Recycled Filament

  • An outstanding environmentally friendly fibre using recycled post-consumer PET bottles

  • Processed through grinding, washing, melting, re-polymerizing, spinning and texturizing to yarn

  • Repurposes waste, reduces our reliance on petrochemicals and prevents environmental pollution

Fact: Compared to virgin based, Ocean Recycled Filament reduces CO2 emission up to 50%


  • Ensures zero water pollution

  • Donates all left-over fabric scraps to a local charity

  • Uses dyes that are GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX® approved

  • The garment bag is compostable 

  • Their employees receive free medical insurance including their spousal and up to three children

  • They receive a salary at least double the minimum wage

  • They donate monthly to a charity devoted to the welfare & education of women and children in their local area

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